about me!

I graduated as Computer Engineer on 2008 in the northern territory of my country (CL) and since then I have been working as Linux Engineer and recently as DevOps. In the past, I participated and voluteer on several Open Source projects, like Ubuntu and Gnome, where I had the honour to met awesome and talented people, spread the word and evangelise on my country and local community and also allowed me to grow in a professional aspect.

I had the chance to exchange lot of good stories, meals and non-technical knowledge as part of my migration period to this amazing country (Oz), which are mostly of the record but always present on my mind since it was when I realise how important is been out of your comfort zone.

I try to keep my LinkedIn Profile updated, so recruiters, peeps and people interested in networking are welcome. From time to time I assist to a few meetups groups as well in Sydney so more than happy to catch up and exchange stories, tales or drinks.